Demonic Evolution Results up

The results are up and the emails sent out. As a reminder please put your characters name in the email you send! It is a pain if your name isn’t on the email any where, since then I have to look it up. Also remember that movement happens at the end of the turn. Any actions you wish to take must be done at your current location, and then you move. You can’t act in the new location you are moving to until next turn!

Also if you plan on seducing or attacking people, please pick a target and don’t be really vague like “I seduce someone” That makes it kind of hard for me to tell what you are trying to do in a room of 20 people.

Round 1!

Okay, the round is update, all emails are sent out! If you didn’t get an email or missing from the location lists or anything let me know. Though people who didn’t put actions in the first turn weren’t shown as doing anything in the turn result page. They all have received a bonus for the next round however.

We are playing up to the first person to get 25 dominance points, and rounds will be due on Monday nights.

A New Game!

Well it isn’t finished yet, though I am putting up what I have so far because there is a lot of content. There is adult stuff in the game, but there is a much larger build up that in many of my other games and time is taken to explore the world and the changes that happen to the character early on. Any way, check it out: Old Soul!

A tragic accident leads you to be reborn in another world in a new life. Old Soul manly revolves around male to female transformation and being thrown in a world of canine people. There is adult content, though the earlier part of the game explores your transformation as you grow up in the new world. The game is still being worked on and is not yet finished.

Play Old Soul

Demonic Evolution New Game!

The New game of Demonic Evolution will be starting in 2 weeks from now, on March 27th. People may not sign up for the game. We will be using the rules from the game prior to bloodmoon, with a few adjustments. So please check those out if you are used to the old rules. Here is a summary of the major changes.

1. Searching is different now. I have created a list of precreated items and each location has a set amount of items in them as well as different types of items. Some places are more dangerous than others, some are good for getting dominance, some for crafting items, some for clothing etc. Nearly all the the areas also have wildcard items. The wildcard items are ones that I will make similar to how I was before, making them more unique. So it is possible to get stuff not listed.

2. Related to that is I changed experiments a great deal. Now there are two types of experiments. Single action experiments when you try to do something unusual like rob a person, or hide in a bush or something. The second type are crafting actions, which now have very clear rules to avoid really strange or super overpowered stuff from happening. Keep in mind that while the rules are really defined these are just guidelines and you don’t to actually be that familiar with them. If you to say “I spend 5 willpower and make a weapon” then that is acceptable. You don’t have to do the math yourself or create the items yourself if you don’t want to, and I can do it for you. However they are there so you can design them yourself if you wish, or to just get a rough estimate of what results might be.

3. The portal now has a guardian stopping people from going to the demon world, and the demon world has special rules. The demon world is now set up as a place where you can regain your soul and humanity and has a lot of crafting items and lets you reduce penalties you have and stuff. However it is also designed to be brutal and to be hard to get out of. So you can gain a lot but you must risk getting stuck. However if you get stuck, or you end up screwed up beyond belief it also has a restart function. You end up losing everything you have but can start over fresh as a demonic thrall who can escape back into the world. They are fairly weak but gain a special ability designed to help them try and catch up. If you die in game, that is where you will be sent now, so be careful!

To sign up for the game please follow the instructions at

Demonic Evolution!

The next game is going to start on March 27th. People can start signing up for the game starting next week on the 13th. I am going to be changing up how I do searching this game, and going to make items themed by their location and making a set number of items at each place. I am also going to be making a list of all the possible things to find at each location, which is why I am delaying the start of the game a week to make that list.


I am planning on starting a new round of demonic evolution soon. I will post more details, and a starting time for the game by the end of this month. I will likely give people two weeks or so to sign up, so can look forward the game starting the second week of next month.

New Game: Succubus Curse!

Still working on some longer projects but I took a short break the other day from those to make this game. It is a fairly short game, and at the moment it is done, so you can finish it. Though I am thinking of extending it out longer in the future if people like it. There is 8 endings, and the 8th one is where you will continue from if I expand it.

The game explores some more weirder kinky thing, like being turned into a pussy and there is a vore scene, though it isn’t anything too intense and is a bit light hearted, sexy romp.

Succubus Curse!

New Game! Bimbo Island

So I have been working on a few larger projects recently, but those take a while so I don’t update them to often. So I thought I would finish up one of the smaller games I was working on, just so people had something to play. So this is a smaller game. It is fairly short but there is fun to be had and you can easily play it a few times and do different things. There are a ton of endings, though not sure they are all worth trying to find. There are a few special endings though, for people who make a ton of money!

It is a game show type game, where you have to try to make money by doing sexy stuff but not getting too carried away with it. If you get carried away, might end up a mindless bimbo! It is a pretty silly, light hearted game with naught fun in it.

Bimbo Island