I am planning on starting a new round of demonic evolution soon. I will post more details, and a starting time for the game by the end of this month. I will likely give people two weeks or so to sign up, so can look forward the game starting the second week of next month.

New Game: Succubus Curse!

Still working on some longer projects but I took a short break the other day from those to make this game. It is a fairly short game, and at the moment it is done, so you can finish it. Though I am thinking of extending it out longer in the future if people like it. There is 8 endings, and the 8th one is where you will continue from if I expand it.

The game explores some more weirder kinky thing, like being turned into a pussy and there is a vore scene, though it isn’t anything too intense and is a bit light hearted, sexy romp.

Succubus Curse!

New Game! Bimbo Island

So I have been working on a few larger projects recently, but those take a while so I don’t update them to often. So I thought I would finish up one of the smaller games I was working on, just so people had something to play. So this is a smaller game. It is fairly short but there is fun to be had and you can easily play it a few times and do different things. There are a ton of endings, though not sure they are all worth trying to find. There are a few special endings though, for people who make a ton of money!

It is a game show type game, where you have to try to make money by doing sexy stuff but not getting too carried away with it. If you get carried away, might end up a mindless bimbo! It is a pretty silly, light hearted game with naught fun in it.

Bimbo Island


Turn is updated and emails sent out. This is the last turn coming up, so do your best on the final round! I am extending the deadline an extra day, so people have until Tuesday night to turn in their turn.

Slight Delay

I will probably have the turn out really late tonight, or some time tomorrow. I didn’t sleep well last night, and now having a bit trouble focusing so going pretty slowly. Though I will probably give people an extra day to turn in their turn for this next round to make up for it, since it is the final round.

Turn is up.

Emails all sent, and results up.

Update: I almost forgot, I changed the free npc you get when using influence to call in help or create a faction to have 20 health instead of 10. This is because the 10 health was based off the prior game where people only had 20 health. With everyone having 50 health this game, they needed a little boost to bring them inline with everyone else.

Turn is up!

Turn results are now up. I also added the dominance points everyone has since we are at the half way point now, and people need to know who to go after. Things might get more dangerous from here on out, so be careful!