Things going on

Since it is October I am working on a new Halloween game! It is going to be a fairly short game however. Short and fun, about werewolves. Hopefully I can get an update on Are all Girl’s Sluts? by the end of this month as well. Focused mainly on getting the starting quests into the game. I really want to get an update out by the end of the month, because I am taking next month off.

November is National Novel Writing Month, and so I am taking off working on all my games so that I can try to write a novel! It will not be like many of the stuff I write here, since there isn’t any planned transformations in it, and it isn’t erotica(or straight up smut like some games hehe). Rather will be a fantasy adventure style story with some romance elements within it.

Though after that, in December I am going to finish my Christmas game I promised before but never released. I swear that as long as I am still alive I shall release that game before the end of the year! It is mostly done already, I just can’t get the motivation to tie up all the endings. I will get it done though this time for sure.

If I get it done early in the month then maybe another update for All girls are Sluts will get done before the end of the year as well. Otherwise that is my top priority going into the new year. Though you can see why I want to get an update out this month if possible, because otherwise it might be a few months for the next one and I don’t want people thinking the game is died or anything.

Any way, those are my plans for the next couple of months.

Are All Girls Sluts?

I have uploaded the first version of the game, it is still a bit early but there is a lot to play. There are events in all the rooms, but some require special triggers to access and stuff, so harder to find. So at the moment, the map might seem a bit empty. Though the pool is the most crowded at the start.

The game is split up into three parts, morning, afternoon, and evening. Currently you can only explore the morning, and the game ends if you reach afternoon. Though at the moment the only way to reach noon is to get eliminate but survive. There is bad endings, and bad endings with second chances!

I didn’t put all the bimbo and futa events in yet, since I am working on special attacks I want to add next update. Which includes fucking people with your girl cock, or using a special boob attack if your a bimbo! Also the arousal suppressor pills don’t work yet, and that will be in the next one. After those are done, I will work on the afternoon stuff. I want to make sure I got all the basic stuff working right first though.

Play now!

Update for new Game

I am trying to get some release of the new game I am working on out today. Currently I am trying to kill the coding bugs, and it is a pain. I am having flashbacks to when I did programming in high school, staring at code that looks right for hours on end but for some reason doesn’t work. Who knows why it doesn’t work? It should work. I read it a million times, it is perfectly fine, it is how it should be but it doesn’t work! Of course, it is probably a minor typo that happens to be on a critical line that destroys the entire thing, that is how it always goes.

Anyway, as soon as I can track all these tiny little typos that are making my life a nightmare, I will put up the first version of the game.

Update: I had spent like 45 minutes staring at one piece of code, and it was bothering me which is why I made this post, but then I figured out the problem right after posting this! I type a line like this “if X eq 1 or 2″ but that is totally wrong it has to be written as “if X eq 1 or X eq 2″! 45 minutes wasted for that!


So I took a little break after the last round of Demonic Evolution but I been working on some old games and trying out a few new things as well. One project that has me excited, is one new game I am working on. The working title is “Are all girls sluts?” I might change it later though hehe.

The game takes place at a resort, and the character is taking part in a challenge for a huge cash prizes! It is sort of like the Bimbo Island game I made, except an rpg version of it. Maybe more like into the dungeon, except there is freedom to wander around as you want. There bad guys you can fight, and challenges to take, and even quests and stuff.

I will release something later this month for it. I want to get more done for it, because there is a lot of stuff, and it is designed to be played multiple times, and so you will likely miss a lot of stuff in a play through, and so it will seem short. Any way, that is what I am up to at the moment.

Game over!(maybe?)

The latest game of demonic evolution is now over with Alvaro Akir just barely squeaking out a win thanks to the help of the oracle granting double dominance points for the turn!

Also, in case anyone is wondering what was going on in the mountains, there was a lot of experiment actions going on to transfer and consolidate dominance points. Which allowed for some large swings for those people in that area(though no, the oracle bonus doesn’t apply to anyone giving you dominance points, only if you win them).

Edit: Oops, just after I finished the turn, I realized I may have made a mistake on something so it might not be over yet. I am adjusting it now!

Edited, everything explained:

I refactored the turn, as Jamie wasn’t actually enslaved. Which means Alvaro only had 22 dominance points instead of 26(needs 25 to win) needed to win, however the rules says the game will end once a person reaches 25 dominance points, and technically all actions take place at the same time. Originally there was some conflicts as everything happening at once gives a bit weird results at times so I rolled to see which actions would occur in which order, and it played out with a clear win for Alvaro.

However, without Jamie being enslaved there was still a possible way to resolve the turn in which Alvaro still could win. That is if the game ends when someone goes over 25, even if they then fall back blow it. The rules are not clear for that, so I rolled randomly to determine if the game would end in that scenario, the dice came up saying that it would.

I then made some random rolls to determine, if the correct sequences of event would happen in the order needed to allow Alvaro to temporarily go over 25, and the random results worked out in his favor. Altogether, I ended up making 4 or 5 random rolls(with basically a 50/50 chance each time) and they all came up in his favor. So while I kind of feel a bit bad about making the ending the result of random rolls, there was a scenario in which the events could be resolved for him to win, and it seemed like the fair way to resolve it when there was no clear rules, was to make a random roll.

I am thinking for next game, I might add a new stat for ‘speed’ or something to better determine what actions occur in what order in a round. So there is no grey area on this topic.

Coincidentally, with all this said, Alvaro temporary jump over 25 to trigger the game to end, also causes him to lose a massive amount of dominance points, as it assumes that the very last thing to happen was for him to be enslaved by Jamie(so instead of taking the dp loss on his lowest score, he took it from his highest score). So the end result is that he only has 15 dominance points instead of the 22 I mentioned above. Which means he didn’t actually win, he tied with Kharis.

Round updated!

New round is up. Sorry for it being a bit late, but I had so many distractions today. I really wanted to get the turn up on Thursday but I ended up holding off to give people a bit extra time to get their turns in since it seemed like a lot more than normal didn’t turn in a turn, and people tend to be late at times. A few people did turn in their turns late but I don’t think it was worth waiting as it wasn’t that many.


Will have the turn up again on Friday. A lot of complex stuff to do this turn, plus there is still some people turning their turns in pretty late. Also, for some reason I was feeling really tired today, so it was hard to keep up motivation.

Turn is up!

The turn is up now and I found out how to make the newest turn stay at the top, I will do that from now on since there is many many links for the game.

For some reason while updating the location list all the apostrophe in faction’s names and stuff turned into f’s. I deleted them all and fixed it but then when I updated the new location list a bunch of had strange boxes in them. I am guessing a box and an f equals an apostrophe in some weird code conversion going between notepad and the site. Not sure why that happened but if you see any weird boxes or an f in a weird place, that is why. Doesn’t effect the game, just something weird that happened hehe.

Update: Everyone healed 5 health due to the healing crystal at the hospital.

Slight delay

Don’t think I will have the turn done tonight. Giving an extra day didn’t help much, since a bunch of people still turned in their turns late. We will keep the deadlines on Tuesday though, so even with the slight delay, everyone will still have the same amount of time to do their turns, we just shifted it a day.

Though it isn’t entirely the late people’s fault. I also just got a new computer yesterday, so I may have taken a slighter longer than normal break while doing the turn to play some games. Should be able to get the turn up some time in the afternoon(pst).