Results up!

Results from demonic evolution round 8 are up! Next turn will be due on the 29th, as I am taking this week off for my birthday. It will also give people to catch up on reading all the turns, as I know some people can’t read all that stuff in a week.

Demonic Evolution Break

I will have the results up some time tomorrow, probably around mid day. Though I really need a bit of a break and it is my birthday this weekend, so I think we will take this following week off. So round 9 will be due Monday the 29th. Which will give everyone over a week to catch up on turns and stuff.

Turn results up!

Turn results up and emails sent out. Sorry about the late delay this time. It is mostly because I didn’t do any work on it on Tuesday, and the reason for that is because of how many people turn their turns in late. This happened in the other games as well. The longer the game goes on, the later people turn in the turns. I don’t like cutting people off so I end up letting people turn them in a bit late but people get carried away with it.

Anyway, I am going to move back the deadline to Tuesday this week, so everyone has an extra day to do their turn.

Results are up!

Results are up and emails are out!

Sorry about a bit of a delay this week. I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to fix my computer because windows 10 is trash and keeps crashing on me randomly. It has been doing so for like half a year now too. Just occasionally, it just decides to stop working. I turned off all the bloatware that is windows, and it still didn’t fix it and then I ended up just reinstalling windows, so it was a complete waste of time.

On a side note, my Birthday is next month. Perhaps I will get myself a new computer for it. Even if windows wasn’t trash, I was planning on getting a new computer eventually since my current one can’t run some of the latest games, since it is getting old.

Demonic Evolution Results up

The results are up and the emails sent out. As a reminder please put your characters name in the email you send! It is a pain if your name isn’t on the email any where, since then I have to look it up. Also remember that movement happens at the end of the turn. Any actions you wish to take must be done at your current location, and then you move. You can’t act in the new location you are moving to until next turn!

Also if you plan on seducing or attacking people, please pick a target and don’t be really vague like “I seduce someone” That makes it kind of hard for me to tell what you are trying to do in a room of 20 people.

Round 1!

Okay, the round is update, all emails are sent out! If you didn’t get an email or missing from the location lists or anything let me know. Though people who didn’t put actions in the first turn weren’t shown as doing anything in the turn result page. They all have received a bonus for the next round however.

We are playing up to the first person to get 25 dominance points, and rounds will be due on Monday nights.

A New Game!

Well it isn’t finished yet, though I am putting up what I have so far because there is a lot of content. There is adult stuff in the game, but there is a much larger build up that in many of my other games and time is taken to explore the world and the changes that happen to the character early on. Any way, check it out: Old Soul!

A tragic accident leads you to be reborn in another world in a new life. Old Soul manly revolves around male to female transformation and being thrown in a world of canine people. There is adult content, though the earlier part of the game explores your transformation as you grow up in the new world. The game is still being worked on and is not yet finished.

Play Old Soul